Farm & Hunting Land

Listing Number Details:  2102

For Sale:  187.9 deeded acres in Section 31 & 32 of Holt Twp. Marshall County  T.156 R.43.  182 acres in CRP thru 2027 @ $57.00.  $1,400.00/acre.  Sold!  

Listing Number Details:  2101

For Sale: 84.18 acres of land with 63.33 acres tillable, located on the west side of the SW 1/4 of Sec. 30 T.154 R.44 (Norden Twp. Penn. Co.) Good productivity index of 70.6 and well drained.  The tillable land is rented out for the 2021 crop year only.  20 acres is non-tillable with brush and trees. Good deer and grouse activity on these acres  $1,600/acre. Sold!

Listing Number Details:  1906
For Sale: 37.85 acres of pasture/hunting land about 5 miles SW of Middle River.  NW1/4 NW/1/4 Section 33  T. 157 R. 43   Spruce Valley Twp. Marshall Co.  The land does have a fence around it but has not been grazed this year.  Small amount of woods on it.  Very high productivity index of 91. RE taxes $224.00  Asking $1,075/acre.   Sold!

Listing Number Details:  1905
80 acres of high quality farmland in the S 1/2 SW 1/4 Section 24 T.153 R. 47  Angus Twp. Polk Co.  The land is about 3 miles SE of Angus.  The land is currently being used as a cattle farm, but could be easily converted to grain/sugar beet farming.  There are some old buildings that need to be cleared out. $206,000.  Sold!

Listing Number Details:  1904
For Sale:  49 acres of hunting land in Section 27 Lincoln Twp. Marshall Co.  This property is just south of the Rainbow Club at Strandquist, MN.  Highway #59 runs along the east side and County Rd. #5 on the north end.  This would make a nice hunting camp yet has other possibilities as well.  Great location!  Asking $49,000. Sold!

Listing Number Details:  #1903
For Sale:  3.2 acre farmstead with 3 bedroom and 1 bath house. 1-bedroom downstairs and 2 upstairs. Propane furnace in the basement. 2 car detached garage. Very nice spacious yard. 4 miles East of Angus and mile south. Asking $59,000. Sold!

Listing Number Details:  #1902
For Sale:  163.5 acres of CRP land in SE 1/4 Sec.19 Numedal Twp. Pennington County.  Very good productivity index of 81.3.  CRP contract goes to 2028 @ $72.69/acre.  The land was sprayed with Milestone herbicide at the high rate in 2017, so the land is nice and clean.  Price reduced to $1,750/acre.  Sold!

Listing Number Details:  #1901
For Sale:  307 acres of CRP land in Marshall Co. near Strandquist.  There is 1 tract remaining of 3.  Sold!
Tract 1:  382.5 acres in Sec. 34 T.158 R.45 Lincoln Twp.
CRP contract: 371 acres @$58.85/acre. Expires in 2020.  RE tax 2018: $2,084.  Sold!

Tract 2:  307 acres in Sec. 6 T.157 R.44  New Maine Twp.
CRP contract: 307.49 acres @ $57.59/acre.  Expires 2020.  RE tax 2018: $1,830.
 $1,095/acre  for the remaining tract.  Sold!

Tract 3: 152.05 acres in Sec.29 T.158 R.44 East Park Twp.
CRP contract: 141.06 acres @ $49.25/acre.  Expires 2022. RE tax 2018: $796. Sold!

Listing Number Details:  #1809   Marshall Co. (SW ¼ Sec. 25 & SE ¼ Sec. 26)  320 acres. This land is approximately ½ farmland and ½ hunting land. The hunting is some of the best in NW Minnesota. The whitetail deer grow beautifully symmetric racks and there is a wide variety of wildlife to choose from. The farmland is just out of CRP this past Oct. and can be farmed in 2019. There is a 3 bedroom ranch style house with 2 car garage that was built in 1963. The house is included in the property as a hunting cabin. There is a well, electricity and septic. Extra out buildings include a garage, utility building, root cellar and log storage shed. The yard is surrounded by gorgeous Scottish pines and there are a variety of fruit and ornamental trees as well. The hunting land consists of a good amount of mature poplar. This is a lifetime opportunity to own land that offers trophy type wildlife encounters. Price reduced to $1,950/acre.  Sold!

Listing Number Details:  1808
For Sale:  40 acres in Alma Twp. Marshall Co. NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec. 21.  19 acres of land just out of CRP.  21 acres is woods and river bottom.  Very good hunting land and excellent farmland.  There are some old buildings.  Located 9 miles NE of Warren, MN $84,000.  Sold!

Listing Number Details:  1807
For Sale: 160 acres farmland( SW 1/4 Sec. 1 Bray Twp. Penn. Co.)with a very high productivity index of 88.1.  This is good black land and is highly resistant to wind erosion.  This land is all tillable and was planted into soybeans in 2018.  Available for the 2019 season.  $2,150/acre. Sold!

Listing Number Details:  1806
For Sale: 12 acres with 2 bedroom hunting cabin(20 x 30) This cabin is usable but needs restoration.  It has 2 bedrooms, kitchen,  living room and bathroom.  Red Lake County electric is the electrical server.  There is a well and septic.  There are a few acres of woods on the property and deer are seen regularly.  Good amount of State land nearby.  Nice location, 6 miles north of Newfolden on Highway #59, 1.5 mile east on Co. Road #6 and 1/4 mile south.  All for less than the price of a camper!  $22,900.  Sold!

Listing Number Details:  1805
For Sale: 80 acres of exceptional hunting land in S1/2 NW 1/4 Sec. 15, Grand Plain Twp. Marshall Co. Next to state land and has 23 acres of alfalfa. It’s a deer haven!  $115,000.  Sold!

Listing Number Details:  1804
For Sale:  120 acres of Hunting land in Sec. 21, Nelson Park Twp. Marshall Co. 1 mile north and 1 mile east of Englund Store. The land has approx. 80 acres of large poplar and oak. There is 23.5 acres of CRP enrolled to 2022. This is a very attractive piece of land with excellent hunting. Priced reduced to $950/acre.  Sold!

Listing Number Details:  1803
For Sale:  86 acres of beautiful hunting land located in Section 11 of West Valley Twp. Marshall Co. about 4 miles south of Strandquist. This property is located next to State land and consists mostly of large poplar, oak trees and lots of wildlife. It also has a cabin, electricity and nice high yard located on a good gravel road. Price reduced to $119,000.  Sold!

Listing Number Details:  1802
For Sale:  SE ¼ Section 36 in Newfolden Twp. Marshall County, MN. 132 acres is mostly poplar trees and 27 acres is open. This is a nice piece of hunting land between Thief River Falls and Newfolden. Or it is 2 miles west of Holt. Very secluded and ready for your hunting enjoyment. To be sold on Contract for deed only. $970/acre.  Sold!

Listing Number Details:  1704
For Sale:  244 acres farmland in E ½ SE ¼ Section 2 & NW ¼ Section 12 of Viking Twp. MN.   T.155 R.45   Good productivity indexes and ready to plant for 2018. RE taxes under $4.00/acre.  $2,100/acre.   Also For Sale:  83 acres of CRP in W ½ SW ¼ Section 1 of Viking Twp. MN.  Expires in 2018.  Good hunting area. RE taxes under $4.00/acre.  $1,600/acre.  Sold!  

 Listing Number Details:  1703
For Sale:  100 acres of diverse land in the SW ¼ Section 13 of Silverton Twp. Penn. Co. This land is currently used as pasture, but would make good hunting land or could be cleared for crop farming. It is approximately half open. This is a great opportunity to buy property only about 10 miles NE of Thief River Falls. $1,400/acre.  Sold! 

Listing Number Details:  1702
For Sale:  73.95 acres in Vega Twp. Marshall Co.  E 1/2 SW 1/4 less 7.42 acres in Section 13 T155 R49.  Excellent land with 89 PI.  Available for spring planting.  Additional 152 acres for rent with purchase of this land.  $3,000/acre.  Sold!

Listing Number Details:  1616
For Sale:  Nice 40 acre parcel ( SW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 35 Deer Twp. Roseau Co.) is located only 2 miles from Strathcona, MN and this land is high and dry. The poplar forest on the land is testament to that. A great all around hunting woods with plenty of deer, grouse and bear in the area. There’s a nice open spot on the corner of the 40 for a cabin plus there is a half mile of new trails just cut. This is a great investment in your future recreation. Just $52,000.  Sold!

Listing Number Details:  1615
For Sale:  116 acres of development property on the S.W. edge of Thief River Falls, MN.  This property is plotted into commercial and residential lots.  Survey and some engineering work has been done.  This will be the future development area for Thief River Falls.  Don’t miss this ground floor opportunity!  The price is right and the owner is offering financing for this property.  Call Lane at 218-201-0832 for more details!  Sold!


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